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Berwick is a school community where it is cool to be smart, cool to be yourself, and cool to try.

Berwick is as exciting as it is challenging and as playful as it is 努力工作ing; a place where discovery is applauded and students are more than classmates–they're friends. Walk across the campus and you'll instantly feel it–this is more than a school. 它是三个部门的融合, 每个人都有自己的个性, 共同形成了一个独特的贝里克社区.

自1791年成立以来, 贝里克大学通过有目的的学术融合来教育学生, 艺术, 和体育. The curriculum is traditional in its roots yet innovative in its approach, 培养自律, 努力工作, 健康的技能组合. 这里的学生被鼓励去冒险, 找到他们的声音, 充分利用校园生活和社区活动的能量.


澳门新葡京网址, 成立于1791年, is dedicated to promoting virtue and useful knowledge among the rising generations.


  • 愿景声明

    在其雄心勃勃的使命和不断发展的勇气的推动下, 澳门新葡京网址's innovative curriculum prepares students for a rapidly changing world. A Berwick education positions students to confidently take on and adapt to the dynamic opportunities that will exist for them in the future.

    Berwick will harness its culture of innovation and continuously reflect on the ways it can challenge and support students to reach their full potential. 受我们学生远大抱负的鼓舞, The Courage to Climb strategic plan will enhance the tenets of the Berwick curriculum, including student-directed learning; skills over content — depth over breadth; innovation; wellness, 品格教育, and public purpose; and justice, 股本, 多样性, 和包容(JEDI).

    要做到这一点, the strategic plan enhances student opportunities through after-school and summer programming; partnerships that provide internships and learning opportunities; and a focus on environmental stewardship. 战略计划强化了贝里克对正义的追求, 股本, 多样性, and inclusion and ensures that our essential academic systems fully support this work in our curriculum. The parallel support of The Campaign for Berwick will ensure Berwick’s future durability and flexibility to thrive for the rising generations.
  • 社区声明

    澳门新葡京网址 is committed to building a diverse school community that ensures active and full participation, 重视公平与公正, and addresses the systemic marginalization experienced by underrepresented groups. 我们努力支持和吸引学生, 家庭, 教师, 工作人员, 以及有着不同背景的管理者, 包括残疾状况, 家庭组成, 性别, 性别认同, 比赛, 宗教, 性取向, 社会经济地位, 加强我们的社区. 

    通过我们的课程, 课余活动, 以及社区建设的努力, 学生将会离开贝里克学院 知道自己 是什么构成了他们的身份. 他们会。 社会意识到, open-minded, empathetic, and willing to explore and understand others’ perspectives. 我们让我们的学生成为 Civically订婚 公民, so that they may give of themselves and actively work to redress in股本 toward a more just society as 股票的 反对者和盟友.

    “Dedicated to promoting virtue and useful knowledge” now and in the future, 我们必须让学生做好理解的准备, 认同, 并参与一个不断变化的世界.



  • 平衡

    澳门新葡京网址 constituents participate in a quest for balance that fundamentally defines our sense of community. 我们生活在发现、自我反省和成长的螺旋循环中. While each community member’s individualized journey towards this value is a personal work in progress, we share a common appreciation of the tensions that exist within our definition of this ideal.
  • 通过参与延伸

    贝里克认为我们都能从个人探索中获益, 勇于承担风险,真诚地投入新的努力. 社区成员被期望以无数种方式伸展自己.
  • 卓越的社区

    “社区” and “Excellence” are two of the most cherished principles at 澳门新葡京网址. 卓越的学术成就是贝里克大学的核心, but our community of high standards expects all constituents to be in a process of striving for their personal best in all areas of school life.
  • 诚信承诺

    Being a member of the Berwick community requires a deeply held commitment to being a person of character and to continually refining one’s ethical understanding of the world.


贝里克学院的历史可以追溯到1791年, 当贝里克的市民, 纽约, Kittery, Rollinsford, 朴茨茅斯, 威尔斯筹集了500英镑用于教育当地的年轻人.

Incorporated by the Massachusetts Legislature and with a charter signed by Governor John Hancock for the purpose of "promoting true piety and virtue and useful knowledge among the rising generation,“贝里克学院的建立是为了教授语言, 文科, 与科学.

当缅因州在1820年成为一个州时, 贝里克学院相当于一所综合高中, 直到20世纪50年代, the town of South Berwick contracted with the School to educate local students. 然而, by 1955, the Board of Trustees reverted to a completely private status with an exclusive college preparatory program in accordance with the intent of the School's founders.

贝里克成了一所男生寄宿学校, 还有女生日间部, and continued to expand its facility by acquiring land for playing fields and tennis courts, 以及九栋宿舍和教职工宿舍. 一个新的体育馆和公共场所, 设有食堂和科学实验室, 是在20世纪60年代中期完成的吗. Berwick experienced tremendous changes during the 1970s–adding the 中学 in 1971 and discontinuing the boarding program in 1976. 1977年增设了低年级学校, 向一所真正的乡村走读学校的转变完成了.

Berwick continued to expand its facility with the dedications of the Whipple 艺术 Center in 1985, 1988年在肯德尔小学任教, 1994年在克莱门特中学任教, 1997年的体育中心, 杰普森科学中心, 杰克逊图书馆, 2015年奥克斯之家的沃尔什健康中心, 以及2016年杰克逊图书馆的灵感共享.
贝里克学院的辉煌历史, and the long list of students who have emerged successful from our program, 将永远是我们学校建立的坚实基础吗.


贝里克学院档案馆收藏了3000多件历史文物. 它位于杰克逊图书馆的二楼. 请与档案管理员联系 archives@illustrationism.net or 207.384.2164 x 2700查询更多信息或预约.


澳门新葡京网址, 坐落在波士顿以北一小时车程的80英亩的校园里, 服务550名学生, 学前班至12年级及研究生. Berwick students are from Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and several countries. 深深致力于促进美德和有用的知识的使命, 贝里克学院赋予学生创新和大胆的能力. 贝里克大学致力于培养能够自主学习的校友, 承担风险, 问一些深思熟虑的问题, 来理解和庆祝他们真实的自我.